Cremation Ashes in Glass by Stuart Wiltshire - Silver Dove Memorial Jewellery

Stuart Wiltshire is a glass artist with a passion for crafting unique hand-blown glass. with over 24 years experience, Stuart's fresh & innovative approach to glass blowing sets him apart from others in the industry.

When encapsulation ashes, Stuart works on only one order at a time, beggining with the careful placement of the ashes onto a metal tray followed by gathering of molton glass and the addition of your chosen colour.
Rest assured, Stuart will craft your chosen piece with the utmost respect, sensitivity and professionalism.
When placing an order for a hand-blown, glass memorial piece, we will send you an ashes kit to return to Stewart and hell inform you when he safely receives it.
Stuart who will then get to work on your piece,  returning it to you within only a few days of receiving your ashes, along with any unused ashes.

forever story


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